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Go Smile Jet Set Kit. We bet this will be in 3floz’s vending machines

Designed for convenience, vending machines really are everywhere. While seeing one at a school or office isn’t uncommon, the kings of convenience are beginning to pop up in more unlikely places: first taxis and now the airport– and these vending machines certainly aren’t selling soda.


It’s not an unlikely scenario; most of us forget something when we’re packing for a trip, especially when we’re flying. For those of us choosing not to check our bags, packing our suitcases becomes a game of strategy. Sometimes it all just won’t fit and the first items to go are toiletries.


Luckily, TSA-friendly sizes of toiletries (3.4 oz or less in a 1 quart size clear plastic bag) should now begin appearing at airports across the U.S., beginning with New York’s JFK.

vending franchises

3Floz, an abbreviation for ‘3 fluid oz’, is an already established company that’s behind the TSA-friendly vending machines. The company already operates a website selling beauty products — everything from anti-aging creams to towelettes– in 3.4 fluid ounce sizes and below.


The vending machines, which are being designed by Zoom Systems, will carry toiletry items that abide by the TSA fluid safety regulations. Zoom Systems has also created similar vending machines for Best Buy and Apple products.


Prices for toiletries in 3Floz’s vending machines are predicted to range from $3 – $145 indicating that the company plans to include affordable and higher end products. The company’s website features well-known brands like Yes to Carrots, Ahava, David Kirsch, Dr. Hauschka, Malin + Goetz, Ole Henriksen, Weleda and more.


3Floz has yet to release a list of products that will be available in its toiletry vending machines. It stands to reason the company will modify its offerings depending on the time of year and vending machine geographical location.


While JFK remains the only confirmed airport, we’re sure 3Floz’s toiletry vending machines are sure to take off.