Vending machines are branching out beyond sodas and snacks to something a bit more relaxing: massages.

Imagine you’ve been on your feet all day shopping or traveling. You need a moment to sit down and recuperate before heading back to the racks or catch your next flight. Massage vending machine chairs offer relaxation anywhere and anytime with the obvious convenience of not needing an appointment.

One of the best massage vending machine franchises, The Back Massager, uses extra wide commercial massage chairs with Shiatsu, kneading, S-motion, and rolling massage functions designed to put chair users in an state of ultimate bliss. Each chair is covered with soft and durable material for the high-traffic most massage chairs receive. Most massage chairs are located in casinos, shopping malls, airports, country clubs, laundromats and hospitals.

Back Massager franchisees are able to work as much or as little as they please, turning the vending franchise into a full-time or part-time source of employment. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, most vending franchise owners enjoy a 91 percent success rate even after 10 years in business while other start-ups experience a dismal 88 percent failure rate.