vending franchisesBoost Energy is re-energizing the vending machine sector of the franchise industry with its American-made Energy Shot Vending Stations.

vending franchises


Boost’s energy shot vending machines sell a variety of the most popular and best-selling energy shot brands like 5 Hour Energy, FRS Performance and SK Energy, among others.


Energy shots have become the fuel of choice for the sleep deprived. From college students cramming for finals to new parents and everyone in between. Last year, sales of energy shots and energy drinks grew 16 percent  and topped $8.9 billion in the U.S.  Clearly, America is looking for an energy boost.


Boost’s vending machines doesn’t only require dollar bills or quarters. Instead, Boost’s Energy Shot Stations accept credit cards, debit cards, Near Field Communication (NFC), coupon codes, QSR codes, mobile wallet payment and more. Each vending station also provides  nutrition information on the vending machine screen to aid in a customer’s energy shot selection.



Could this mean the end of coffee franchises?