vending franchise

United Marketing Vending has withstood the test of time by upholding the highest level of customer service in the vending industry. Their commitment to their owners is one that is of upmost importance to president Kenneth Levin, who is recognized as a respected leader in the vending and marketing business for upwards of 30 years. Nobody has a better, more time-proven program than United Marketing Vending, and they’re ready to prove to you how successful you can be in this lucrative, recession-proof industry.


United Marketing Vending has a reputation for customer service that leads the industry in responsiveness and effectiveness. Along with it comes their commitment to providing you with the lowest possible startup costs. They can assure them because, not only do they design their vending machines themselves, they also sell them to you, direct. So they can ensure a high quality product from the get-go.


Their vending machines are designed to hold hundreds of today’s most popular name-brand products, including all kinds of sodas, juices, energy drinks, microwaveable food, chips, candy bars, cookies, pastries – you name it. A variety of healthier options are also available. Each United Marketing Vending machine is credit card and wireless ready, and will, of course, also accept cash.


The upshot is, you can cater to virtually any customer, any taste, any need, with a variety of vending machines or their more versatile single machines. Place them where your customers work, in high-traffic or “captive-audience” employee areas, and watch your cash start to flow. There is no sales experience required to begin, because vending machine products virtually sell themselves.


Interested in a vending machine opportunity? Chances are United Marketing Vending has exactly what you’re looking for!