Could the next big thing in vending franchises be something illegal in 48 states?

Sure, smoking weed and vending machines sound like they should be complementary businesses (can you say “snack food”?), but the newest trend in vending involves the two combined and not side by side.

Marijuana is now legal is two states, Colorado and Washington, but more are considering legitimizing the once illegal drug– and some are considering selling the substance in vending machines.

A Phoenix-based company, Endexx Corp., is behind the proposed machines. Endexx Corp. envisions new “transactions” not happening in secret, but out in the open. Where recreational pot is legal, a user may purchase an ounce of marijuana using a smart phone app, goes to collect it from a retail outlet, adding rolling papers and a lighter to the final order.

The new vending machines were inspired by those used to dispense pre-measured medical marijuana, making it easier for those using it as a medical treatment to secure it.  Another vending machine franchise that dispenses plastic cans containing the substance also inspired Endexx Corp.’s proposed new machines.

Taxes on recreational marijuana use are sure to be high, like those imposed on tobacco products like cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Possible profit margins for those who own marijuana vending machines may be high too, calling to mind the “glory days” of tobacco.