Would you rather pay $7.92 or $1 to watch a movie?

That’s what I thought.

With the price of a movie ticket hovering close to $8 (not including popcorn, candy or your favorite soda) who wouldn’t rather skip the theater and head for home, with a rented DVD in hand?

DVDNow is the world’s largest network of independently owned and operated DVD rental kiosk vending franchises. Since 2006, DVDNow has been liberating everyday folks from the high prices of the movie theater and helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs on the road to success and financial independence.

DVDNow is currently recruiting independent Owner Operators for select markets in the United States and in Canada. This lucrative opportunity is great for those looking to engage in a new career or generate a second stream of income. Because it’s a turnkey business, DVDNow video rental kiosks can generate income immediately.

There is no company or service that provides a more affordable DVD rental option– or more A-list movies to rent! Most movie titles are available 28 days ahead of Redbox.

According to Home Media Magazine, an entertainment industry trade publication, more than 30% of all movies are now rented from a DVD rental kiosk. Even Blockbuster has traded in its brick and mortar stores for rental kiosks just like those belonging to DVDNow.

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