HealthyYOU™ Vending is proud to offer serious-minded & health-conscious entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own successful business. Since 1999, HealthyYOU™ Vending has helped thousands of distributors throughout the United States position themselves in their respective markets as vending professionals in this exciting $40+ Billion industry. By providing state-of-the-art vending equipment, a comprehensive Distributor Support system, individualized coaching and the strongest guarantees in the industry – HealthyYOU™ Vending is confident that they can help you too become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!


Every 10-15 Years, A Major Innovation Completely Changes the Face of An Industry – Creating a Window of Opportunity For Those Who Capitalize On It. This Innovation Is Changing TWO Industries! Now YOU Can Capitalize On What’s Being Called “The Perfect Storm” Business. Here’s How…

The vending industry is the largest “all-cash” business in the world! New, convenient innovations continue to propel this remarkable industry to new heights. In fact, every minute, over $76,000 is put into vending machines in the United States alone. That’s a whopping $110 Million Dollars per day! Isn’t it about time you get your share by becoming a HealthyYOU™ Vending Distributor?


The healthy food revolution is exploding, and is just getting started. More and more people are becoming educated about what they eat. “All-Natural”, “Organic”, “0 Trans Fat”, & “Antioxidants” are the hot buttons of this ever-increasing, high-demand market. Now you can create financial security by filling this need with the HealthyYOU™ Vending Distributorship opportunity. To learn more about the opportunity and how you can get your own piece of the pie, please follow this link: http://www.franchiseclique.com/franchise/Healthy-You-Vending and submit your information to get started.