The vending industry is lucrative and booming. The healthy foods industry? Gaining momentum. If only you could combine the two to create a super franchise…


Healthy You Vending combines two of the most successful sub-industries in franchising into one extremely successful vending franchise concept.


Since 1999, the brains behind Health You Vending have helped thousands of distributors throughout the U.S. position themselves as vending professionals with the best products within their respective markets. Over the past 12 years, Healthy You Vending has provided almost 5,000 customers with healthy vending snack options. It’s also sold nearly 100,000 vending machines nationwide– and countless entrepreneurs.


Vending, as it stands in the United States, is a $40 billion dollar industry. Healthy You Vending provides its vending franchisees with state of the art vending machines design to attract customers. As more customers become concerned with their health and fitness levels, Healthy You is poised to become the number one trusted brand in healthy vending.


Healthy You Vending is currently seeking new entrepreneurs to join their franchising family. Those who are interested in health, fitness and helping others live a healthy, happy lifestyle are exactly those who should contact Healthy You to learn more about becoming a franchisee.