Healthy Vending Machine Pilot Program Reaches California Schools

Students at Mt. Carmel High School in Rancho Pensaquitos, California won’t be able to reach for chips and sodas during the school day any longer. Instead, they’ll be able to use their change to pick up coconut water and granola bars from healthy vending machines between classes.


The high school is a part of a new pilot program aimed at offering high school students healthy alternatives to the normally ubiquitous junk food snacks. The hope is that teenagers will learn to seek out healthy snacks during the day instead of reaching for sugar and fat-laden food items.


While some educators remain cynical and skeptical, students are receptive to the idea, some are even excited.


As said to a California news station, student Kendall Sczempka said, “I noticed they were lower in calories, they had some power drinks, coconut water and I was like, wow, this is great after you work out instead of grabbing a soda or chips.”


The two vending machines are being used by the school on a trial basis to see which food items are most popular, at which point Mt. Carmel High School will share their findings with other schools in the district.


There is no charge for the machines to be on campus and 25-percent of the profits go to the student body. The healthy vending machines meet federal and state requirements on the fat and sugar content of snacks sold on school campuses.


Prices for items range from $.75 cents for juice to $2.25 for an item like Muscle Milk.


Healthy You Vending: Super Good For You


The vending industry is lucrative and booming. The healthy foods industry? Gaining momentum. If only you could combine the two to create a super franchise…


Healthy You Vending combines two of the most successful sub-industries in franchising into one extremely successful vending franchise concept.


Since 1999, the brains behind Health You Vending have helped thousands of distributors throughout the U.S. position themselves as vending professionals with the best products within their respective markets. Over the past 12 years, Healthy You Vending has provided almost 5,000 customers with healthy vending snack options. It’s also sold nearly 100,000 vending machines nationwide– and countless entrepreneurs.


Vending, as it stands in the United States, is a $40 billion dollar industry. Healthy You Vending provides its vending franchisees with state of the art vending machines design to attract customers. As more customers become concerned with their health and fitness levels, Healthy You is poised to become the number one trusted brand in healthy vending.


Healthy You Vending is currently seeking new entrepreneurs to join their franchising family. Those who are interested in health, fitness and helping others live a healthy, happy lifestyle are exactly those who should contact Healthy You to learn more about becoming a franchisee.

HealthyYOU Vending Profile


HealthyYOU™ Vending is proud to offer serious-minded & health-conscious entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own successful business. Since 1999, HealthyYOU™ Vending has helped thousands of distributors throughout the United States position themselves in their respective markets as vending professionals in this exciting $40+ Billion industry. By providing state-of-the-art vending equipment, a comprehensive Distributor Support system, individualized coaching and the strongest guarantees in the industry – HealthyYOU™ Vending is confident that they can help you too become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!


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DVDNow Vending Franchise

Would you rather pay $7.92 or $1 to watch a movie?

That’s what I thought.

With the price of a movie ticket hovering close to $8 (not including popcorn, candy or your favorite soda) who wouldn’t rather skip the theater and head for home, with a rented DVD in hand?

DVDNow is the world’s largest network of independently owned and operated DVD rental kiosk vending franchises. Since 2006, DVDNow has been liberating everyday folks from the high prices of the movie theater and helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs on the road to success and financial independence.

DVDNow is currently recruiting independent Owner Operators for select markets in the United States and in Canada. This lucrative opportunity is great for those looking to engage in a new career or generate a second stream of income. Because it’s a turnkey business, DVDNow video rental kiosks can generate income immediately.

There is no company or service that provides a more affordable DVD rental option– or more A-list movies to rent! Most movie titles are available 28 days ahead of Redbox.

According to Home Media Magazine, an entertainment industry trade publication, more than 30% of all movies are now rented from a DVD rental kiosk. Even Blockbuster has traded in its brick and mortar stores for rental kiosks just like those belonging to DVDNow.

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Mary Jane and Vending Machines

Could the next big thing in vending franchises be something illegal in 48 states?

Sure, smoking weed and vending machines sound like they should be complementary businesses (can you say “snack food”?), but the newest trend in vending involves the two combined and not side by side.

Marijuana is now legal is two states, Colorado and Washington, but more are considering legitimizing the once illegal drug– and some are considering selling the substance in vending machines.

A Phoenix-based company, Endexx Corp., is behind the proposed machines. Endexx Corp. envisions new “transactions” not happening in secret, but out in the open. Where recreational pot is legal, a user may purchase an ounce of marijuana using a smart phone app, goes to collect it from a retail outlet, adding rolling papers and a lighter to the final order.

The new vending machines were inspired by those used to dispense pre-measured medical marijuana, making it easier for those using it as a medical treatment to secure it.  Another vending machine franchise that dispenses plastic cans containing the substance also inspired Endexx Corp.’s proposed new machines.

Taxes on recreational marijuana use are sure to be high, like those imposed on tobacco products like cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Possible profit margins for those who own marijuana vending machines may be high too, calling to mind the “glory days” of tobacco.

Naturals 2 Go Vending Franchise

naturals 2 go

Now, more than ever, people struggle with staying healthy and keeping trim thanks to lives and jobs that keep us sitting for most of the day.


Due to our increasingly sedentary lives, eating healthy snacks is one of the best ways to combat snacking on empty calories.


Naturals 2 Go, a vending machine franchise, stocks its machines with healthy alternatives to potato chips, sugary sodas and buttery cookies.


Every 15 minutes, over 3.5 million coins are inserted in vending machines all over the U.S., making vending franchises a lucrative opportunity. As more workplaces, schools and public places select vending machines that stock healthier options, investing in a vending franchise like Naturals 2 Go is a smart and easy way for entrepreneurs to break into the franchising industry.


Entrepreneurs seeking to supplement their current income or to earn multiple streams of revenue often select vending machine franchises. As vending machines can often be managed by one person, it’s an ideal opportunity for single entrepreneurs or husband-wife teams.


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Profile: Back Massager, The Vending Massage Chair


The Back Mas
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There are many things to seriously consider when investing in a business opportunity. The Back Massager has many unique qualities and perks that simply are not offered anywhere else.


The Back Massager business opportunity
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