There’s a new vending trend in Slovenia and it’s a result of dairy farmers losing profits to supermarkets and chain grocery stores. The Mlekomat machine, a local, fresh, raw and unpasteurized milk dispensing machine, is seeing increased popularity this year as the machines continue to be placed all over Ljubljana. The machine in addition to supporting a local farming initiative, offers convenience to its customers. When most stores close their doors on Sundays, the vending machines are always accessible.


The Mlekomat machine charges €1 for a glass or plastic liter bottle, or customers can bring their own at no cost, that can then be filled up and charged by the ounce. This gives customers full control over how little or how much milk they actually want. Once the milk is done dispensing, a plexi glass shield encompasses the nozzle, a self-cleansing splash of water cleans the area and a UV light disinfects.


Farmers in the area have also begun distributing a second vending machine concept: machines that sell local farm produce such as apple cider, cheese, and local sausages. All of the products are fresh, local, and organic. One of the coolest aspects of the machine is that the individual farmer who owns and maintains each machine can monitor the inventory through an app on his cellphone. Apparently, the machines stay very well stocked.

It seems that with the evolution of creative vending machines, the possibilities of what we may see in the future are endless.

To our readers: What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever purchased from a vending machine?