I came across the coolest BuzzFeed list that I have to share with our followers today. The list pictures 25 vending machine concepts around the world that vary from unique and interesting, to rather strange. The list includes a live crab vending machine in Nanjing, China that sells live “fresh” crabs; if you receive a dead crab, the company will even compensate you with three live ones.

One of my favorite concepts is a $90,000 lettuce vending machine in Japan, called “The Chef’s Farm”. The machine can grow 60 heads of lettuce a day using fluorescent light bulbs. Talk about vending machine innovation!

You can check out the entire list here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/arielknutson/vending-machines-you-wont-believe-exist
Click the link, browse the list, and let us know your favorites!